Aarex Tiaokhiao
Developing incremental games since 2017.
  • Factor Num Up
    A game where the premise is to reach the highest number that you can.
  • Universal Attractor
    An attempt for having most prestige layers that I think of
  • Colorful Fills
    A game where 3 primary colors have their bar.
  • Super Reactor (coming soon)
    A triple knockoff of Reactor Idle, which is knockoff of CatsIsFluffy's Reactor Knockoff Knockoff
  • Ranks
    A original game which have a large system for requiring to unlock
  • Ranks: Quarry
    Second game that have ranks, but with mining!
  • Productive Data
    A game where you must get data for a new internet.

  • Tests
  • Standard conversion
    (supports extended AD's and Aarex's Abbreviation System up to 10^10^(9*10^15))

  • Modifications
  • Antimatter Dimensions
    (with NG+++ mode)